Election Update for Clubs and Pubs

With the 2023 NSW State Election due to be decided on the 25th of March, GSA Insurance Brokers sat down with Chris Mossman (Wotton + Kearny) to dissect the policies which will directly impact the hospitality sector in preparation for what will be a hotly contested election.

Both major parties have announced significant policy changes which will impact pubs and clubs, particularly with respect to gaming - with clear differences between the parties approaches and proposed policies, will the below changes impact your vote?

Regardless of the outcome of the election, both parties have proposed policies that will heavily impact pubs and clubs across NSW. Increased safety around privacy protocols and personal data, clear concern about money laundering and fraud, and increased focus on compliance and security, pubs and clubs will need to make quick and significant changes in a short time-frame after the election. Business owners will need to take increased responsibility of their business' compliance standards, and fully understand the new requirements.

Click here for a more detailed report on the impacts of the policy changes from the Labour and Coalition parties.

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