The Little
Blue Book.

GSA The Little Blue Book

Values in action.

These are our Values. We live them everyday. Valuable, Energetic, Human, Determined and Surprising


We’ve made a decision about what we’re doing as a business, and its benefit, and we’re sticking to it.

End of story.


We do everything with vigour and passion, because we know it’s right for the business.

It motivates us, our clients and partners, and it’s different from what every other bastard is doing. “Boring” is a word that will never be associated with GSA.


We will never forget that what we do impacts on the lives and livelihood of others, and that our success is based on what we as individuals bring to, and get from the experience.

And we have fun doing it, because life’s too short to get caught up in dull stuff.


We’re always looking for new, lateral and money-making ways to provide the best possible service and products, way beyond the expectations of our customers, and way ahead of the industry.


As individuals, and as a business, our thoughts, actions, and interactions, are priceless, and give the big win/win for our clients, our business and ourselves.

We're a new breed of Insurance Broker, who think insurance should do more than just cover you for loss.

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