Make Organisation Mental Health and Wellbeing Top of Mind

Happy People Makes for High Performance.

We’ve always considered our culture as central to our success as a team, and as a business. Clear understanding of the impacts of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, constant attention to our staff and culture are major differentiators to why people want to work at GSA: we’re proud to be a ‘culture that cares’.

In talking with clients and prospects, many are (rightly) concerned about the impact of mental health and wellbeing on their workforces, both in terms of staff satisfaction and performance. Gone are the days of the “she’ll be right” attitude. With Governments now taking action, and the high competition to retain staff, businesses should too.

Changing responsibilities for psychosocial risk management

Recent NSW legislative change in 2022 mandates that Employers are responsible for managing psychosocial risks at work, and obliged to eliminate this risk in the workplace. Where this isn’t reasonably practicable, employers should take steps to minimise the risks. Non-compliance can create issues for Directors and Officeholders.

Recent case studies arising from the courts have held Directors and Officers responsible for negligence, or inaction, in ensuring they are providing a mentally safe working environment for staff.

You don’t need a threat of punishment to make a change

Psychosocial risks in the workplace can affect the quality of an organisation’s work practices. This has been a well known fact for elite athletes for many years, and now businesses are catching on to these risks, which include:

  • Poor performance
  • Lower cultural engagement
  • Turnover of staff
  • Sick leave and Workers Compensation leave.

Critically, there is a substantial human cost when psychosocial risks aren’t managed effectively.

Conversely, there is only upside in incorporating a human-centric, structured risk management platform.

Mental wellness in the workplace creates better outcomes for everyone.

Making psychosocial risk management central to the culture and practice of an organisation can make a real difference:

  • Reduced risks associated with psychosocial hazards
  • Improved team performance
  • Higher Staff retention
  • Reduced likelihood of claims against the business, and increased premiums

Managing psychosocial risks can be simple, efficient and cost effective.

  • A Prevention Mindset: Executive level commitment to a culture of mental wellness
  • Identify the Risks: Regular communication and “check-ins” with staff
  • Solutions-focused approach: Make Internal or external resources readily available to staff

In a complex dynamic like this it’s also a good idea to engage with professionals in this space for advice and support.

Check 5: Wellbeing and Performance

Given the extent of the mental health challenges business is facing, GSA is partnering with Check5, committed to alleviating these challenges through a dedicated and focused program.

Their approach features direct communication with a business' staff, checking-in on them to help identify their issues and concerns. In setting up Check 5, employers are also able to identify supporting partners who they can refer staff to in order to provide specific help (like Finance, Health, Social, Relationships and Work) in areas of need.

Utilising technology to support your culture can become a comprehensive way to show care for your staff and maintain high performance, while avoiding high risk team members deteriorating to lows that are destructive to them, and your business.

If you’d like to discuss this important issue directly, please be in touch.


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