Helping Indigenous Youth Achieve their Education and Career Goals

Bandu: Giving First Nations students an equal chance at happiness and success.

We’re honoured to support Bandu, a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving tertiary enrolment and employment rates for Indigenous Australians. Bandu (the Wiradjuriword for ‘fly') works directly with Indigenous students and partners to help these students achieve their goals.


Founded by Ed Morgan, with over 10 years of experience teaching as well as running Indigenous Program at St. Joseph's College, Bandu’s roles include:

  • Providing comprehensive support for students finishing high school;
  • Placing students in part-time jobs aligned to their tertiary studies;
  • Supporting the organisations that employ them; and
  • Advice on creating culturally safe workplaces.

Bandu Co-Founders Ed Morgan and Aidan Porter

Redressing the trend of lower tertiary enrolment and employment rates

Whilst Indigenous children are finishing primary and secondary school at higher rates (56.7% completed Year 12 in 2021 compared to 37.1% in 2011, with still more to do), they face significant barriers accessing tertiary education and employment opportunities.

For Aidan Porter, proud Wiradjuri man, and co-founder of Bandu, helping First Nation students make the transition to tertiary education and employment is personal:

"Ed and I created Bandu to address the gap in support and success for Indigenous students after they finish Year12. I know this system works because I went through it myself. We want to make sure every First Nation Student gets the support I received.”


Bandu's impact is seen in the benefit to participants

One student’s experience highlights the importance of Bandu:

"I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Medical Studies and the Doctor of Medicine. I had financial struggles when I started university, Ed and the Bandu team have been so supportive in helping me find employment. Thank you for supporting First Nations university students like me.”


Bandu NAIDOC Week Lunch 2023

We’re proud to support Bandu. You can help, too

GSA is proud to provide financial support to Bandu's leadership and operations so Ed, Aidan and the team can focus on expanding the program.

As Paul Hines, Executive Chairman of GSA, says, "Ed and the team are changing the destiny for these kids. We welcome them with open arms into our network and community, and look forward to a bright future for First Nations Students."

If your organisation would like to assist with support or placements, please get in touch with Ed



Even a small donation can make a big difference

In just six months, Bandu has exceeded its target of 15 tertiary students for 2023, providing support to 50 young First Nations adults. Your donation will help more students achieve their education and employment goals.

Donations are 100% Tax Deductible.

Bandu NAIDOC Week Lunch 2023 (Left). Ed Morgan presenting to the GSA team (Right)



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