Happy 5th Birthday JK!

We sat down with Johnnie Keymer and asked him 5 questions to celebrate his 5 year anniversary with GSA. See below all of the inside gossip and wise words he had to share with us;


What has GSA taught you over these last 5 years?

That leadership comes in many different forms and that successful leaders must be able to adapt their style of leadership in order to successfully manager a large and growing team. GSA’s extended leadership team is a thing of beauty and is made up of so many different characters and styles and I have learned a lot on the subject from my interactions with each of them.


How would you describe GSA in 3 words?

Unique, closely-knit and focused 


As you know, GSA loves a dress up. What was the most iconic dress ups you witnessed over the years?

Gareth Terrell (Casualty Distribution Manager VIC, Chubb) dressed as Freddie Mercury from Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ music video at the 2018 Rock'n'roll Christmas Party. Black leather skirt, fishnet pantyhose, a cute little bob and a big fat mo.


What do you love most about working at GSA?

The high level of individual autonomy and accountability and the fact that it’s largely a meritocracy. Also, the increasingly flexible working environment is a gamechanger but I still love our office which has such a good energy to it and is full of lovely people.


With experience, comes wisdom. What would be your wise words for people wanting to join the Insurance Industry.

If you are going into broking, focus on mastering the technical side of your craft as, without an in depth level of product and market knowledge, you can’t add value to a clients’ business nor bet heir trusted advisor which are the two tenets underpinning GSA’s philosophy. Work ethic and results are what will ultimately define your career success.

And a good pair of horse-riding boots do not make the man but will definitely help you fit in 


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