GSA interview with Panthers Group CEO, Brian Fletcher

Charles Galayini recently had the opportunity to talk with Panthers Group CEO Brian Fletcher. Brian’s story, from creating the first-ever race days to leading the Panthers from an uncertain future to standout success is one of determination, dedication and leadership. It's a story of success, culture and community. 

In the conversation, they discuss:

  • How Race Days went from an idea to a cultural phenomenon
  • His path to becoming Panthers Group CEO
  • Changing the club structure to create an environment for success
  • Why culture is everyone’s business, and there’s no place for ego at the Panthers
  • The importance of Ivan Cleary to driving on-field success
  • The powerful connection between players and the local community
  • What the future looks like for a club in its prime
  • Peter V’landys role in taking Rugby league to the next level. 

It was great to hear one of the best in the business share his experiences. If you’d like to know more about how a robust culture can create shared purpose and outcomes, feel free to get in touch.


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